Cat Friends

At Cheryl's Healthy Pet Market, we acknowledge that each individual cat has different needs and a unique diet.

Foods that will nourish your cat

In nature, cats eat a variety of proteins which allows for a strong digestive system, minimizes food sensitivities, reduces dependence on one type of food and provides long term health. Our foods complement each other in order to remove transition issues. We also offer unique proteins and limited ingredient diets for cats with health problems or sensitivities.

Cat food and treats must meet our high nutritional standards before we select them for our store. We only choose foods with specific ingredients and do not allow unnamed animal parts, byproducts, preservatives or added coloring. Cats are obligate carnivores so the majority of our foods are grain-free and provide cats with the nutrients that help them to thrive. We make sure that we trust the companies from which we buy products and that the ingredients are sourced from safe places with high quality standards. As a family-owned, small business, we are able to put the necessary time into selecting the food we carry based on our specifications.

Cheryl's experience with Chinese medicine philosophy and her education in holistic pet care combine to provide unique options for your pet.

  • Biologically appropriate foods
  • Raw, freeze-dried, kibble
  • Diets to support health
  • Real meat treats
  • Natural, untreated chews
  • Limited ingredient diets
  • Fortifiers for homemade diets
  • Vitamins and glandulars
  • Bach flower essences
  • Anxiety and loud noise
  • Allergy, skin and respiratory relief
  • Digestion, IBS and diarrhea relief
  • Hip, joint and ACL tear support
  • Vaccination symptom relief
  • AnimalEO essential oils (and how to safely use them with cats)
  • Calming pet music
  • Honest Pet toys
  • Books
  • Shampoo, teeth cleaning accessories