Dog Friends

We understand that each dog has a story to tell and will need to be treated as an individual.

So we bring you biologically appropriate dog food!

Biologically Appropriate Dog Food

Through the use of various sources and guidelines we choose a diet that will benefit each dog's health. Variety is natural in the wild and very important for a strong digestive system as well as long term health. All foods are chosen to complement each other in order to remove transition issues. We like to see dogs have 4-5 different proteins and about that many different brands of food to eat. This minimizes food sensitivities and reduces dependence on one type of food. If your dog already has sensitivities we offer more exotic proteins and limited ingredient diets so that we can always find a healthy food that works for your individual dog.

Foods and treats at Healthy Pet Market are chosen to provide your pet with simple ingredients, avoiding any unnamed animal sources or byproducts. Cheryl is very particular about which pet food brands she trusts and you will not see every food option from a particular manufacturer. Research is ongoing in order to keep up with changes in the industry. She follows experts such as Dr. Karen Becker, Whole Dog Journal and Dog Food Advisor. Most foods are grain free, sourced locally or in the USA or meet very strict standards for organic food. We care for all animals, so we look for products that use humane treatment of animals and humane processing.

Cheryl's experience with Chinese medicine philosophy, breed origin appropriate proteins and holistic pet education combine to provide unique options for your pet.

  • Biologically appropriate foods
  • Raw, freeze-dried, kibble
  • Diets to support health
  • Real meat treats
  • Natural, untreated chews
  • Limited ingredient diets
  • Homemade diet fortifiers
  • Vitamins and glandulars
  • Bach flower essences
  • Anxiety and loud noise
  • Allergy, skin and respiratory relief
  • Digestion, IBS and diarrhea relief
  • Hip, joint and ACL tear support
  • Vaccination symptom relief
  • AnimalEO essential oils
  • Calming pet music
  • Hemp collars and leashes
  • Harnesses
  • Honest Pet toys
  • Books
  • Shampoo, teeth cleaning accessories